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Dog-Friendly Dining

(Honolulu, Hawaii) To allow people to dine with their dogs at restaurants, Hawaii State Senator Fred Hemmings has proposed legislation to change state health regulations which ban pets from food establishments. The Hawaii Advisory Council on Food Protection Practices is scheduled to vote on the measure tomorrow. If approved, diners will be able to date their dogs.

My take is that this is a pretty loony idea, but I've never had, nor desired to have, a dog as a dinner companion. I have, however, dined with companions who lacked table manners. They were slobs but at least they knew the purpose of a knife and fork. Also, there was little concern that they would relieve themselves or sniff any crotches during dinner. Nevertheless, if the proposed changes are approved, I wonder how long we'll have to wait before someone complains that the law discriminates against cats.

- Interested-Participant

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