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Open Mic Day

Today is going to be "Open Mic" day at Wizbang, as I get setup at the new job. It's also a tryout, of sorts, for guest bloggers. I'm taking my first blog vacation in April for a couple weeks when our third child is born. As stable of handpicked volunteers will be manning Wizbang in my absence.

Today you've got the keys to the castle, and the ability to post your stories to Wizbang. As Jim Rome says, "Have a take, don't suck." Here is the information you will need:

Wizbang login page

Username: Guest Poster
Password: wizbang


  • The username and password are case sensitive.
  • Don't forget to pick a category for your post. It's not required, but it's appreciated.
  • Please do leave your name and/or site URL at the end of the post.
  • Get and install a copy of IESpell and use it to spell check your entry.
  • I will be monitoring the site throughout the day. Don't get yourself banned by being an idiot. That should be enough of a warning.
  • Try to refrain from "billboarding." Adding nothing of value other than announcing that your site exits is not interesting reading.
  • Commenter's are encouraged to call "WTF?" on lame posts.
  • If you're trying to quote another source use the <blockquote></blockquote> HTML tags (which you'll have to enter manually)
Update: I must remember to test out the login prior to announcing! It's working now.


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Comments (1)

Can't get past the login.</... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Can't get past the login.






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