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You Can Find ANYTHING On The 'Net These Days

...including, it seems, evidence of your own abduction.

A 17 y/o living in Los Angeles discovered his photo on a Canadian missing children site a few months back. He told a teacher, who alerted authorities to the situation.

Acting on a Canadian-issued warrant, U.S. marshals arrested Giselle-Marie Goudreault, 45, at her home in the San Fernando Valley. She was being held without bail until Canadian authorities can extradite her on child abduction charges, authorities said.

Obviously, there are more than two sides to this story- how it shakes out will be interesting. In the meantime, the teen learned a painful lesson in consequences. The article doesn't delve into what he said to his teacher, or why, but it seems reasonable that he didn't anticipate the maelstrom of change he finds himself in now.

Sadly, this is another example of a child being caught in the middle of two adults who cannot agree/get along.

~Lachlan, www.mysocalledblog.com

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