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CU Later

It's time to start cleaning house at the University of Colorado. I attended CU in the Bill McCartney era, so I know all about the long history of disciplinary problems and scandal. Current head coach Gary Barnett is in hot water over his remarks on former placekicker Katie Hinda (the first female ever to score points in a NCAA Division I football game). The usual self serving investigative panel will be convened and the coach will be sacrificed, regardless of his actual culpability. If the Regents have any balls they'll start at the top with Hoffman and work their way down...

SI.com - For three weeks, professors, students and residents have been hit with an almost daily barrage of accusations against Colorado's football program, including rapes, strip-club visits and alcohol-fueled sex parties for recruits. After a former female kicker [Katie Hinda] came forward to say she was raped by a teammate, the coach indelicately described her as a "terrible" player.

Late Wednesday, University President Elizabeth Hoffman placed football coach Gary Barnett on paid administrative leave over the comments. "They were extremely inappropriate and insensitive. Rape is a horrific allegation and it should be taken seriously," Hoffman said.

Sports Illustrated has full coverage of the scandal.

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