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Send Mail To Your Blog

This may not mean much to non-bloggers, but I've been testing out David Phillips (Tweezers Edge) modifications of Charlie Reitsma pop2blog script.

Thanks to Bill Quick (Daily Pundit) for sharing code with me, he saved me several days of work.

I do have a question for bloggers: Would you pay a few bucks a month for the ability to post to your blog via e-mail? What if you could send commands to your blog like rebuild indexes? I'm trying to gauge interest in a service that would allow you to post and control you're blog via e-mail.

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How does the security for s... (Below threshold)

How does the security for such a system work? Public Key Encryption? Clear-text passwords? C'mon! Geeks wanna know!

The system "as is" employee... (Below threshold)

The system "as is" employees a whitelist for use of allowed senders. The script reads a POP3 mailbox, checks the sender against the whitelist, then processes and deletes the message.

Other solutions I've seen use PGP keys. I think PKI would be a little onerous for the average blogger - you'd have to remember to go get the cert each time you setup a mail client. You'd also need to be in a public trust hierarchy for the root cert so that the e-mail program would automatically recognize the cert.

I'd be interested in it. T... (Below threshold)

I'd be interested in it. Typepad has this feature and I actually used it quite a bit when my site was hosted there. Since moving to MT, I've missed it.

I used to be able to post t... (Below threshold)

I used to be able to post tomy blogspot blog by email and I miss that functionality. Let's explore.

When I'm away from my own c... (Below threshold)

When I'm away from my own computer, I'm a lot more likely to have access to the web than to e-mail -- in fact, when I travel I use webmail for both of my accounts.

I suppose if I didn't have web access I might find it useful to blog from my wireless phone, but that's the point where I join Bloggers Anonymous and quit cold turkey.

What, pay for something blo... (Below threshold)

What, pay for something blog related?! Are you mad?!

I can post from email and c... (Below threshold)

I can post from email and cell phone now for free. Note, I use WordPress not MT.

It would be a useful featur... (Below threshold)

It would be a useful feature for some, but I'm not sure many people would make use of it all that often. I can't think of a single instance where I might have access to e-mail, but not the web. At another computer, it is much easier to just got to MT's interface then fire up my web-based e-mail interface. On my T-Mobile Sidekick, I can also just go to the MT interface and blog from there. And there's no way I'd ever blog from a keyboardless phone. But there are people with old Blackberry devices that don't have web access who might benefit!

No, I don't think so. In m... (Below threshold)

No, I don't think so. In my experience, YMMV, when I have email access I have web access and can post for no additional cost.

I'm not sure what the value add is for this capability.

I'm with Mog as a WordPress... (Below threshold)

I'm with Mog as a WordPress blog. What is this silly "rebuild indexes" anachronism you speak of, Kevin?






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