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Lewinsky Weighs In

The press finally tracked down everyone's favorite president fellating intern for her take on the Kerry "affair" story. Here is her quote from the Scotsman:

Monica Lewinsky tonight described her feelings of outrage at the furore that has blown up around a woman accused of having an affair with American presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry.

In an interview to be broadcast on the 10.30pm ITV News, Ms Lewinsky said: "I really just felt empathic for the girl, the young woman, and for her family and at the same time I was really outraged because I thought once again we have politics dipping into someone's personal life and whether it's true or not, it shouldn't matter. It should just be left alone."

Ms Lewinsky made the headlines herself after her affair with then President Bill Clinton was exposed and she

Thanks to Monica for reminding us that it's not the adulterers who are to blame for their dalliances, it's the all the fault of the press.

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Bah. She's not that hard t... (Below threshold)

Bah. She's not that hard to track down. Just hang in the village for a while.

Great headlines that never ... (Below threshold)

Great headlines that never were:

Lewinsky: Kerry scandal blows

Heh!... (Below threshold)







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