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What Hath VH1 Wrought?

The Alarm were featured on VH1's Bands Reunited, and apparently were inspired to head back to the studio. The release of their first single was a bit unorthodoxed..

LONDON (Reuters) - An aging UK rock group gave themselves a facelift by getting a group of teenagers to stand in for them on the video of their latest song, helping them score their first chart hit for some 15 years.

Convinced the music industry is prejudiced against wrinkly rockers, The Alarm gave themselves the pseudonym The Poppyfields and persuaded a group of fresh-faced youths to mime their part.

"They did it to show they wanted to be judged on music and not on their image and haircuts of 15 years ago," said a spokesman for the band. The single, 45RPM, went into the UK charts this week at number 28.

The Welsh band were previously best known for 1983 hit "68 guns" and said they pulled the stunt to show how much image affected sales in the music industry.

The big news is that 45RPM singles are still produced. I was under the impression that vinyl singles went the way of the dinosaur.

The Alarm are releasing a new album in April.

Update: The song is called "45RPM", though ironically it's not available on 45.

Comments (8)

DJs live on vinyl.... (Below threshold)

DJs live on vinyl.

That is very cool news.... (Below threshold)

That is very cool news.

I thought "45RPM" was the <... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

I thought "45RPM" was the name of their single. Or did I miss your wry humor?

My link bombed. <a href="ht... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

My link bombed. Here's the press release I was trying to provide.

Come on down and meet your ... (Below threshold)

Come on down and meet your maker...come on down and make the stand.

Jalal, I must have missed t... (Below threshold)

Jalal, I must have missed that. I assumed the Reuters piece came from the British press and the 45RPM was indicated it was a single. It's all Reuters fault as they forgot to quote or highlight the song title (which they did for "68 Guns").

That's funny. Especially if... (Below threshold)

That's funny. Especially if you've seen the movie Spinal Tap.

Okay, Kevin, I'll let you o... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

Okay, Kevin, I'll let you off...this time. ;)






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