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The Other "Affair" Scandal

No I'm not talking about the John Kerry scandal the everyone said was a not a story. I'm talking about this from the Daily Koz. It's the Texas Governor Rick Perry gay affair rumor.

The Governors office denies the rumors. And no they're not denying them publicly because no respectable journalist is asking the question, and preemptively addressing the rumor would put in "on the table" where it's not right now. In the Kerry episode denials from all the alleged principals turned down the heat on the story quickly. Are the off the record denials from Gov. Perry's office enough to put this seamy story to bed? Hardly. Not when the sharks smell blood.

Koz, who noted that the Kerry rumor started with Democrats and not Drudge, decided that the Kerry story was bullshit rather quickly. Don't expect as quick a summary judgement from him on Perry.

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I smell desperation among t... (Below threshold)

I smell desperation among the Democrats.

If this sort of "fling it all and see what sticks" mudslinging is all they've got left -- and when your Presidential candidate is John Kerry, you can't possibly have much else left -- then they're going to get positively hammered in November.

This is not unalloyed good news. Without a strong opposition party, the dominant party becomes arrogant and venal, quite predictably. So it's in the country's interests to see to it that the Democrats don't drift completely beyond the bounds of space and time. How that's to be done without actually electing a few of them is an exercise for the student.

I am so tired of being gay ... (Below threshold)
Yargo Vilmentkrahzki:

I am so tired of being gay mening being bad thing for American man governor adn president. All of America is gay now in eye of world. No man safe in Iraq or Afghanistan, or new York city. Gay is all th eworld to be.






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