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The French Worship Jerry Lewis Too

Is it easy to pull a fast one on the French media or what? From The Scotsman:

She claimed to be a sporting champion whose brave and public battle against cancer turned her into a national hero across France.

But when Florence le Vot was asked to become the patron of a charity to tackle the disease her conscience finally got the better of her.

In a bizarre confession yesterday, Ms Le Vot admitted she did not have cancer but was, in fact, a hermaphrodite who had used the excuse of suffering from the potentially fatal disease to cover up her embarrassment at a series of operations to become a woman.

Her web of lies began many years ago when Ms Le Vot, who was originally christened Geoffroy, first took the decision to have surgery. She concocted the cancer story to explain her absences from work while the transformation into a woman was carried out.

She even has a slick website that details her fraudulent claims. On the other hand, he/she/it's sort of cute:


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Well I guess you have alrea... (Below threshold)

Well I guess you have already blown the chance to use this pic in this weeks caption contest. My mind is spinning.

And you don't really think the French media was fooled do you? Come on think about it.

You sure do find the most i... (Below threshold)

You sure do find the most interesting things.

Thanks! It's my niche... ... (Below threshold)

Thanks! It's my niche... That and celebrity porn...

"... She concocted the canc... (Below threshold)

"... She concocted the cancer story to explain her absences from work while the transformation into a woman was carried out."

So - logical conclusion is, she/he was "masquerading" as a woman while at work, prior to being absent for the surgery that made her/him into her(only). Otherwise, you'd have to figure that someone would notice a bit of difference.

but can he/she get married ... (Below threshold)

but can he/she get married in texas?






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