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You Will Respect My Authority!!!


The Screen Actors Guild is pissed off at Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park.

The Comedy Central animated TV series South Park is engaged in re-casting. SAG members are instructed - in accordance with previous National Board directives - not to audition or accept employment on this series.

South Park is not covered by any SAG agreement, and its producers are not providing SAG wages, benefits and conditions of employment. Please do not accept any employment or renew any contract unless you have confirmed with SAG that the show's status has changed.

Because it is vital that you stay in good standing with your union, please be advised that employment on South Park would currently subject a SAG member to a RULE ONE VIOLATION.


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Comments (6)

It should be really interes... (Below threshold)

It should be really interesting to see how this shakes out. Especially given the steady plummet in union membership across the board in recent years.

DIE SAG DIE!HAHAHA... (Below threshold)



I thought you were joking.<... (Below threshold)

I thought you were joking.
Then I thought THEY were joking.
Now I'm just sad.
It's what unions have come to in America.
They used to be important. Now I think they're probably a net drain on GDP and bad for the country.

Unions were ALWAYS a net dr... (Below threshold)

Unions were ALWAYS a net drain on GDP and bad for the country. Like all other forms of collusion between sellers of a good or service, collusion in the selling of labor ought to be illegal.

Actually, that should read:... (Below threshold)

Actually, that should read:

Like collusion in the selling of labor, all other forms of collusion between sellers of a good or service ought to be legal.

What's wrong with unionism isn't that there is "collusion" involved; it's that this particular collusion is protected and even sanctioned by federal fiat while others are not. This imbalance is what creates "a net drain on GDP" and is "bad for the country."

You know what this means, o... (Below threshold)

You know what this means, of course:

Mr. Hankey is now non-sanctioned poo.






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