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I use Zempt to post to this site. I like Zempt a lot, but it has the most worthless piece of shit spell checker ever. I know I shouldn't be complaining about free software, but I'd pay for it if it could actually catch more than 50% of the spelling errors.

Why can't someone make a plug-in for Word (which has an excellent spell checker and grammar checker) to do blog posts? Assuming that's not going to happen anytime soon, I'd settle for an offline posting program with a decent spell checker.

BTW - w.bloggar's spell checker is no better than Zempt's...

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I've never tried it, but ho... (Below threshold)

I've never tried it, but how about thest two articles from MS on using the Spell checker...



Oops. "These". Ironic.... (Below threshold)

Oops. "These". Ironic.

Isn't there Text Edit or No... (Below threshold)

Isn't there Text Edit or Notepad for Windoze? You poor, poor M$ people...

wads rong wid yur spiling? ... (Below threshold)

wads rong wid yur spiling? I neva notised a ting.

Claire there are plenty of ... (Below threshold)

Claire there are plenty of notepad replacements, some with spelling. I'm talking about offline blogging clients only (Zempt, w.bloggar, etc.).

Nooooo! You're inviting Mic... (Below threshold)

Nooooo! You're inviting Microsoft to take over the blogging market. Just thinking it will make it happen (they monitor our thoughts, you know). They'll buy out the Trotts and turn MT into a horrible Word/Frontpage add on -- take it back. In the name of everything holy TAKE IT BACK!

An expensive alternative is... (Below threshold)

An expensive alternative is buying a mac. If you use kung-log to post, you get to use the Mac's built-in spell checker

Just get a Mac and use Safa... (Below threshold)

Just get a Mac and use Safari.

It's faster anyway.

Sometimes misspellings are ... (Below threshold)

Sometimes misspellings are fortuitous. I once made a typo in a title from 'our friends the Saudis' to 'our fiends the Saudis'. Needless to say, my spellcheck didn't catch it. It's since become a favorite title of mine...

I use MSIE for posting to MT (it's about the only thing I use MSIE for) and there's a nice little spellcheck plugin called iespell that I like a lot.

Yeah, I use iespell, too. ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I use iespell, too. It works on other blogs (comments), other sites, etc. as well.

Indeed, I though it was you who told me about it?

It was. I use it in IE, bu... (Below threshold)

It was. I use it in IE, but it doesn't work in Zempt or w.bloggar.






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