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Praising With Faint Damn

From today's New York Post:

Democratic front-runner John Kerry yesterday claimed he's unfamiliar with the much-publicized gay marriages being conducted by the mayor of San Francisco, so he can't express an opinion about whether they're right or wrong.

"I haven't made any judgment about it. I haven't really kept up with exactly what he is doing," Kerry told a press conference at York College in Queens. There have been more than 3,000 gay marriages in San Francisco over the last two weeks in heavily publicized acts of civil disobedience that have touched off a national debate.

Kerry says he's against gay marriage but for civil unions - and has left the door open to backing a Massachusetts constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, depending on wording.

It's simple; if he does not condom condem condemn it he supports it. Even openly gay Congressman Barney Frank has weighed in against the stunt as "a diversion." Kerry is showing his senatorial streak by trying to be on both sides of the issue. Given his wishy washy record, perhaps the 'head in the sand' approach is his best course.


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Heh. Condom.... (Below threshold)

Heh. Condom.

Oh that it was intentional.... (Below threshold)

Oh that it was intentional...

Hey! Sppons! He can condom... (Below threshold)

Hey! Sppons! He can condom it if he wants to!

Sppons????... (Below threshold)


Isn't it "condemn?" :-)</... (Below threshold)

Isn't it "condemn?" :-)






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