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More On The Kerry/Fonda Fake

Serenity has gotten a copyright infringement warning for using the fake John Kerry/Jane Fonda picture. It seems that the two images that were used to create the widely seem fake were copyrighted images. The owner of the Jane Fonda picture sent a cease and desist letter to Serenity's hosting company, and she complied by removing the image.

Who holds the copyright to the Jane Fonda picture? Owen Franken. That name probably means nothing to you, except you may have heard of his famous brother Al.

Hmmm... Surely partisanship had nothing to do with this, right?

Comments (5)

Hmm, I'd never seen the pic... (Below threshold)

Hmm, I'd never seen the pic before. Not a bad fake - I wouldn't have known.

There's plenty of real phot... (Below threshold)

There's plenty of real photos of Kerry at marches and throwing his (actually some one else's) medals at the white house. Why bother doctoring up a photo?

Beats me...... (Below threshold)

Beats me...

Someone wanted to cause out... (Below threshold)

Someone wanted to cause outrage and Jane Fonda does that. Linking her photographically to Kerry makes him 'just like her'. Pictures of him throwing medals at the White House doesn't have the same impact.

Just so you know Jane, I di... (Below threshold)

Just so you know Jane, I didn't create that doctored image. I merely saw it all over the internet and displayed it on my page even stating that it was a fake.

I have more important things to do than stare at Kerry or Fonda long enough to make a phony image.






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