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Playing With Fire...

Is a bad idea when you're naked and all greased up...

NEW YORK - In the Bronx, police are investigating a bizarre incident that led to the death of a 42-year-old woman

Police say the victim was naked for some kind of religious ritual in which her body was covered with oil and alcohol.

According to police the woman then accidentally bumped into a candle, and lit herself on fire.

She apparently tripped while running through the apartment, smashing her head through a window before suffering a heart attack.

I can only speak for Catholicism in saying that we don't have that ritual in our catechism.

Comments (2)

Might it be possible to ind... (Below threshold)

Might it be possible to indoctrinate the
JIHADISTS in this ritual?

If we could only prove it would bring twice the normal number of Vestal Virgins things might improve.

I've never understood that ... (Below threshold)

I've never understood that virgins thing. I mean, wouldn't a normal guy want women who knew their way around? Knew how to show him a good time?






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