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Soy Boy Firing Blanks?

Meet 21-year-old San Jose native Zachary Hocker, a student at Yale University, who has been voted - from among hundreds of entrants from the U.S. and Canada - the male winner in PETAís "Sexiest Vegetarian Alive" contest.


He looks like a healthy young man, but new research indicates that if he really is a "soy boy" he could be heading toward a dead end at his branch of the family tree.

Soy Linked to Male Infertility - Soy may be a factor in male infertility, a team of Belfast researchers contends. Soy contains the female hormone estrogen and men who consume too much of it may produce low quality sperm, the scientists say.


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Comments (12)

It's Mario Lopez, the guy w... (Below threshold)

It's Mario Lopez, the guy who played A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell! I was wondering what happened to that guy . . .

Zach appears to be a health... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

Zach appears to be a healthy lad, but the "Tofutti Cuties?" Let me just say I need to exchange my ten foot pole for a twenty footer.

Robb is absolutely right; t... (Below threshold)

Robb is absolutely right; that guy could not possibly look more like Mario Lopez. Creepy...

I was thinking that he look... (Below threshold)

I was thinking that he looks like Andrew Cunanan -- remember him?

The cigar is a nice touch. ... (Below threshold)

The cigar is a nice touch. Healthy.


So tofu turns guys into pus... (Below threshold)

So tofu turns guys into pussies? And this is news?

(Oh, man. I can't believe I went there.)

I, too, thought it was Slat... (Below threshold)

I, too, thought it was Slater, and wondered what on Earth you could be writing about him for. My second thought was that you had photoshopped Slater's head onto some guy for some unfathomable reason.

I can't believe you went th... (Below threshold)

I can't believe you went there either, Jim.

So, a woman who doesn't want to get preggers feeds the boyfriend lots of tofu, makes him take hot baths and wear tight pants, and uses birth control. Almost foolproof.

Kathy you forgot serious bi... (Below threshold)

Kathy you forgot serious bike riding.

Anybody ask the Chinese abo... (Below threshold)

Anybody ask the Chinese about this?

Being gay could lead to a d... (Below threshold)

Being gay could lead to a dead end in that family tree too...if we are judging by how people "look"

But Slater was a jock! :-)<... (Below threshold)

But Slater was a jock! :-)






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