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The Real Big News In Washington

Everyone seems to think that the election, the FMA, or the Congressional indecency hearing had Washingtonians undivided attention. Nothing could be further from the truth. The members of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th estates who live in the Northern Virginia suburbs (which is most of them) know that there is only one big story heading into the weekend. Wegmans opens February 29.

The Washington Post is positivly gushing about the arrival of the new supermarket ...

Note to Safeway, Giant and Food Lion - sorry we won't be returning - ever. Starting Sunday we'll be shopping at Wegmans.


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Comments (10)

Hmmm...Safeway is a mile fr... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

Hmmm...Safeway is a mile from home, in the CountrySide shopping center. Wegmans is miles away (probably 15-20 minutes driving from home, depending primarily on the Church/Waxpool traffic light) on lovely Rt. 28.

Safeway will still see me on a regular basis, thankyouverymuch. Hell, it takes a pretty big demand for me just to drive to Giant in Cascades!

I guess I've proved myself to be as lazy as they come.

How 'bout Shoppers? :smirk:... (Below threshold)

How 'bout Shoppers? :smirk:

Actually, Wegmans rocks. I visited one in upstate NY and fell in love. When I saw the flyer in the mail I danced around for a couple of minutes.

Wegmans <a href="http://hom... (Below threshold)

Wegmans may be the best supermarket on the planet, if not the entire galaxy! I shop there regularly. I hope you enjoy it!

I'll have to check them out... (Below threshold)

I'll have to check them out although, as JAJ notes above, they're not conveniently located. I have a Safeway within walking distance and three Giants, Food Lion, and Shoppers all closer than Wegmans.

And I actually use Shoppers fairly regularly for staples, since they're quite a bit cheaper for many items. Their wine prices are markedly better, too!

Paige, maybe it's because t... (Below threshold)

Paige, maybe it's because they're men. I'm telling you guys, this is better than Trader Joe's - forget Giant, Food Lion, Safeway, and Shoppers.

In this case, I'll take the inconvenience for the Wegmans experience.

You will never shop at anot... (Below threshold)

You will never shop at another store. Wegmans is the Walmart of food chains, a spectacular concept. Bob Wegman is a genius, and his son, when not on coke, is pretty good, too.

No, Jen, it's not because t... (Below threshold)

No, Jen, it's not because they're men. I a man myself. And I thoroughly enjoy the Wegmans experience, so much so that I usually don't mind paying a higher price. I know that I am going to find the item I want, and that it is going to be a high quality item. In the past 20 years, I would say I have found Wegmans out of stock of an item I wanted ... maybe 5 times. When I do try to buy produce or meat/fish at a competitor, I usually decide I didn't get the high quality that I am used to at Wegmans. Lately I have found a local butcher where I do get the same high quality at lower prices; and it is a struggle for me to make the extra effort to stop at a 2nd store when my brain and feet know I can do all my shopping at one store. That is how good Wegmans is.

Oh, Chuck, there is no evid... (Below threshold)

Oh, Chuck, there is no evidence that Bob Wegman's son Danny ever used drugs. It was a rumor, and when the local newspaper contacted every law enforcement agency in Florida (where the alleged drug sales happened), none of them knew anything about it. There is no evidence.

Hm. Can you put this in ter... (Below threshold)

Hm. Can you put this in terms us West Coasters can understand? Is it a sort of Bristol Farms (incredible food at sky-high prices)? A Super Walmart/Costco sort of thing (price-driven)? Or a Trader Joe's on steroids (high quality, great prices, but--in TJ's case--low on selection)?

I've posted about Wegmans o... (Below threshold)

I've posted about Wegmans on several occasions. It's the first tour stop we make with visitors here to Rochester. Particularly their flagship store in Pittsford.

You're in for a real treat. Visit soon and often.






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