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If They Had A Few Bucks For Every Misfortune...

They'd be rich at this point...

Dean and Rosemary Esmay's life has turned into a David Allen Coe song. They're in need of a little help at the moment. I know first hand the generosity of the blogoshpere, as you helped me when I got "downsized" right before Christmas.

Whether you're a regular reader of Dean's World or not, consider helping with a donation.

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If our friends who we visit... (Below threshold)

If our friends who we visit online (sometimes every day) lived nearby, we'd be taking them out to dinner or occassionally buying a house-warming, baby shower gift, etc. Borrowing garden tools. Babysitting. You know the drill.

How is sending off $10, $15, $20 bucks when a friend is in need any different?

I prefer knowing that I'm helping good people in a time of need rather than using the money to buy the neighbor kid's school candy or a baby shower gift for a co-worker I don't really like.






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