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Shaping The Message

Here's and interesting piece comparing the disparity in coverage of Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan's comments to the House Committee on the Budget.

It should come as no surprise that NBC's David Gregory comes off like the partisan hack he is. I can't think of another network corespondent who is as blatantly anti-Bush as is Gregory. He doesn't even try to hide his loathing of Bush. The best place to catch his partisan act in on MSNBC shows like Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Where's Claire Shipman Campbell Brown when you need her...


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Comments (3)

Isn't Claire Shipman marrie... (Below threshold)

Isn't Claire Shipman married to Gregory?

Could be. I actually meant... (Below threshold)

Could be. I actually meant Campbell Brown.

I agree on Gregory and Math... (Below threshold)

I agree on Gregory and Mathews but dont forget the man rapidly losing his sanity on air: Lou Dobbs.
He's hysterical.






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