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It's hard to decide which is more shocking: A) A 16 year old girl engaged in group sex with her friends; or B) That she video taped the encounter and showed it to others.

FORT WORTH - A 16-year-old Southwest High School student was taken into custody and suspended from school Thursday after she allegedly showed classmates a videotape of herself and what appeared to be other juveniles engaged in sexual acts.

Sgt. Dave Stamp, supervisor of the Crimes Against Children Unit, said the 8mm tape lasted several minutes and depicted the girl and three other possible juveniles, two girls and a boy, engaged in consensual sex acts.

Stamp said police believe that the tape was made inside the 16-year-old girl's home.

Look what Paris Hilton has done to our nations youth!!!


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was it shot in night vision... (Below threshold)

was it shot in night vision?

I don't know how unusual th... (Below threshold)

I don't know how unusual these kinds of things are. When I was in junior high, a girl named Cami would let boys do things to her on the back of the school bus. This went on for several weeks without anyone telling their parents or teachers. It escalated to the point where the girl was being penetrated with foreign objects.

The bus driver either didn't notice or didn't care. Finally a child told his parents what was happening and the girl and a couple of boys who were identified as participating were expelled from school. The bus driver was fired.

I'm sure that if this had happened today it would have been in the newspapers. In 1974, it was not the kind of thing that was made public.

I remember that when this was happening I was puzzled by it and uncomfortable when other kids were talking about "what Cami did on the bus." But, I'd never had a discussion about that kind of thing with my parents and didn't know how wrong it was.

FWIW, someone at usdoj.gov ... (Below threshold)

FWIW, someone at usdoj.gov followed went from this page to my site, via the trackback link.

Just a heads-up.

Kinda creeped me out; though I guess they could have been searching for keywords like "high school" and "sex".






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