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Wegmans - Day One

Imagine intermission at a Jimmy Buffet concert held inside a Wal-Mart and you would get some sense of the atmosphere at the grand opening of Northern Virginia's newest grocery store - Wegmans.

We loaded up the twins at 10:00 AM and waded into the sea of humanity that had come to explore Wegmans. There are lots of nice little convenience and perks for shoppers; the only problem was that to get to them you pretty much had to commit a misdemeanor battery on someone. Apparently there is a kids center where you can leave you kids (like IKEA) while you shop. I never saw the kids center but, considering that I probably only saw 50% of the store in our 1 1/2 hour visit, that's not surprising. The aisles were like a giant bumper car ride with shopping carts. I had my heels rolled up on by shopping carts at least five times.

Perhaps when we next venture to Wegmans the initial hysteria will have waned. Unfortunately, judging by the crowds, I think the word on the store got out...

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I think I'll wait awhile be... (Below threshold)

I think I'll wait awhile before venturing to Wegman's. Frankly, there's nothing at a grocery store that could induce me to endure Ikea-style frenzy.

Frankly, there's nothing... (Below threshold)

Frankly, there's nothing at a grocery store that could induce me to endure Ikea-style frenzy.

I dunno...Wegman's is pretty awesome. ;)

Like you didn't know it wou... (Below threshold)

Like you didn't know it would be crazy on opening day?

I am waiting a couple more weeks before I make a trip. I know what goodness is there. I can wait a little bit longer.

Oh, I am so jealous. I miss... (Below threshold)

Oh, I am so jealous. I miss Weggy's something fierce. They're corporate base is Rochester and they (helped a bit by foreign owned Tops) forced every substandard suck hole grocery store into the depths of market hell where they belong. I was spoiled bad by Wegmans.

Down here in Atlanta the closest thing is Kroger but they're a long shot from being a Wegmans.

I'll be venturing there lat... (Below threshold)

I'll be venturing there later this week- they have a (somewhat) kosher deli counter, and apparently a good selection of kosher foods. That's a big deal in NoVa.

Also, the traffic was compl... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

Also, the traffic was completely clogged on Rt 28 when I drove past about 3 p.m. That's when I knew it must be a madhouse inside.

Like Jen, I can wait a bit before I venture inside.

I can remember the opening ... (Below threshold)

I can remember the opening day of the Wegmans on Latta Road in Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester. We awoke around 7 am, woke up our daughter who literally jumped out of bed when we asked her if she wanted to go to the new Wegmans. The store was packed solid, like sardines, it was nearly impossible to move. Finally, well over an hour later, we got to the checkout line and I asked the cashier, Is it always this crowded here?

It took about 2 weeks for the crowds to die down enough to shop normally.

I went to the Broadlands Sa... (Below threshold)

I went to the Broadlands Safeway, about half a mile from my townhouse, around 9. I had the place to myself. ;)

Today would have been the d... (Below threshold)

Today would have been the day to shop anywhere but Wegmans!

Well, if somebody's compari... (Below threshold)

Well, if somebody's comparing Wegman's to Kroger, it can't be so much.

When my wife and I visit Fairbanks this fall we're almost certain to spend a great deal of time in the mega Fred Meyer store where we did most of our shopping even when we lived twenty miles away in another town that had its own supermarket.

Now that is a store.

Giant's days are numbered i... (Below threshold)

Giant's days are numbered in Sterling, Va. There's a new sheriff in town.






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