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Racist Is As Racist Does

One of the site on my occasional visit list is Gut Rumbles, the home of Rob Smith (aka Acidman). It seems that Rob has hit a rough patch, and his writings have been erratic (to say the least) lately. Last week many other bloggers proclaimed that the old Acidman was back based on a couple posts (here and here) and general re-coherence of his writing.

All of which make this post even harder to fathom. In it Acidman uses the work "nigger" 11 10 times, and that's not even the offensive part. Based on a on court brawl at a high school basketball game he proceeds to pander to pretty much every racist caricature of blacks in the book. Based on a cursory reading here are a few Klan style stereotypes for blacks that Acidman employees in the post:

Lazy and shiftless
Drug addicts

I'm sure you could find more if you re-read the post. The point that he was trying to make is lost in the sea of hate and loathing. Yes there's something wrong, but it's with the author.

In the 24 hours since I first noticed the post I would have expected that someone somewhere would have had something to say. I was wrong...

Perhaps everyone is scared or apathetic? Or maybe you'll say, "That's just Acidman." Fine, but if it comes out of Trent Lott, Jesse Helms, Robert Byrd, David Duke, or Acidman it's still wrong. Whatever the circumstance it's still repugnant, and racist.

End of story

Update: Well it appears that I was not the only one totally offended - just the first to speak up. I hoped that once someone planted a stake in the ground that others would follow. Thank you for not making me twists in the wind too long.

Steve writes far more eloquently that I did here on racism. One of his main points: "I am speaking out about it because this is one of those situations where, if you don't object, people may assume you approve." Michele shares Steve's sentiments.

And finally to those who say it's all about and over reaction to the "N-word", I say re-read Acidmans post. Even if you remove the "N-word" from the post what he wrote is still vile, offensive, and racist.


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Comments (15)

why do you care? it's his b... (Below threshold)

why do you care? it's his blog. Stop reading it if you don't like it. Don't go reading it and THEN make YOUR comments based on someone elses post. Write your own stuff and maybe you can build up your own little audience.

So here's MrNoGood commenti... (Below threshold)

So here's MrNoGood commenting on what Kevin wrote by telling Kevin not to comment on what other people write.


I was about to say somethin... (Below threshold)

I was about to say something, but then I've used the n-word in combination with sand- (for Arab terrorists/Saudis) as well as Franken- for Michael Jackson.

I used to read Rob all the ... (Below threshold)
Omnibus Driver:

I used to read Rob all the time, but lately I just can't stomach the self-destructive path he's chosen. Better friends than I have tried to point out the error of his ways, but he's determined to go down in flames.

That doesn't mean we have to watch. Or applaud.

No, it's true.<a h... (Below threshold)

No, it's true.

White people would never do such a thing.

What an imbecile; I'm glad you called him on it.

Joe, you got to it just bef... (Below threshold)

Joe, you got to it just before me.

My question, post-read, was: "Why doesn't he point out that white people can go mob-mentality too?"

Nice answer: didn't occur to him/doesn't think they do.

Hard-ass, cynical answer: it doesn't suit his argument.

Remember the high school ba... (Below threshold)

Remember the high school basketball player who was trampled and paralyzed a few weeks ago? He and everyone else I saw in that video was white.

There were some nasty <a hr... (Below threshold)

There were some nasty college riots in San Luis Obispo, California recently. Most of those people were upper-middle class and white.

Here is an eyewitness account:

"Last Saturday night, Mardi Gras weekend, I was at the California/Foothill boulevard intersection, taking photographs for The Tribune, watching in awe and disgust as the scene turned ugly. A circle of policemen stood and watched warily as a large, unruly crowd chanted "f--- the cops! f--- the cops!' As I watched, the mood began to change. The crowd started throwing beads, then bottles, full soda cans and rocks gathered from the railroad tracks."

Coincidentally, I posted a ... (Below threshold)

Coincidentally, I posted a parody of a racist magazine article this weekend called Blame It On The Jeffersons.

I called the magazine "Outraged White Man. There are some interesting parallels.

Actually, Rob has posted in... (Below threshold)

Actually, Rob has posted in a similar fashion on the issue of racism before, and his anti-environmentalists posts are just as vitriolic and unbalanced. You are correct in saying that Rob's point is lost in what he wrote, but that is not an uncommon event in most blogs when posting on controversial topics. It is just that he used the "n-word", which set off alarm bells because that is one of the most charged words in the English language. If it had been a rant on another topic, or even the same topic without the offensive word, it probably wouldn't have had the same effect as the post does as written.

But that's just my $0.02

It's also wrong when that k... (Below threshold)

It's also wrong when that kind of stuff comes from Louis Farrakhan and Maxine Waters, but it's not PC to point it out.

Do I agree with what Acidman was trying to say? No, I don't. He's affirming a bunch of incorrect stereotypes about white men in the south. Most of us DO NOT think or talk that way. Do I think he could have expressed himself in a less offensive way? Absolutely.

However, I do believe he has a right to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, on his site. He's not breaking any laws by proclaiming his narrow-mindedness for the world to see. Trying to shout him down will only strengthen his resolve. There are people out there who you might be able to change through thoughtful debate and discussion, but he ain't one of them.

MrNoGood just have a look a... (Below threshold)

MrNoGood just have a look at the Site Minder stats for each site. My little audience is the same size as his. Building an audience has nothing to do with it.

Lachlan: Third answer: It d... (Below threshold)

Lachlan: Third answer: It doesn't matter for his argument at all, since he's complaining about a failure in (variously) American black culture (a subset of it, rather), or another culture that happens to be full of black peopl (Haiti).
(Notice his praise for Jamaica? Having been there, he knows they're black, I imagine, right?)

I pretty much agree with Jack. Rob's point is decent (and not racist), but vitriol combined with "The N Word" keeps people from reading what he actually says closely, thus leading to the "racist who thinks everyone with dark skin is a violent savage"... even though the latter is not consistent with his own statements and actions in the past (or even the actual content of the post).

(When a black man (I believe I recall Ice-T doing this; certainly othes have) contrasts "black people" (decent folks with dark skin) with "niggers" (people with black skin who are violent, shiftless, and/or criminal), this is cutting insight into the black condition. When a white man talks about the latter and doesn't spend the requisite hour talking about the former, he's obviously a racist who hates all black people. Evidently.)

i never read him, and i won... (Below threshold)

i never read him, and i won't ever.

Yes, he went over the line,... (Below threshold)
John Smith:

Yes, he went over the line, which is a shame because it will likely blind most people to his larger point. Black America is a friggin' mess--to say nothing of dangerous, to itself and others--yet protected from a serious conversation about what a disasterous course we are all on because everyone is afraid of being called "racist".

Rather than address the problems of black people, some would rather link to a story about soccer hooligans and pat themselves on the backs. Well done! Gee, I'm good.






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