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The Springsteen Treatment

Looks like Uncle Sam has deployed the it's own Weapon of Mass Destruction to break the Guantanamo prisoners - The Boss.

NEWS.com.au - A terror suspect freed from Guantanamo Bay has told of cruel and unusual punishment.

Hamed Abderrahman Ahmad, a Spaniard who denies any links with terrorism, said he had to wrap his head in a damp towel to try to muffle loud tapes of Born in the USA.

Mr. Ahmad said he was confined to a small cell where the lights were always on and he was forced to listen endlessly to Bruce Springsteen.

Mercifully they never made prisoners listen to The Ghost Of Tom Joad.


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Comments (1)

At least they are not being... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

At least they are not being treated to William Hung and other American Idol rejects.






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