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RSS Reader Review

ExtremeTech (a Ziff Davis e-magazine) has a pretty good review of standalone RSS readers. They also have a handy RSS feeds page for ExtremeTech, PC Magazine, and every body's favorite blog basher John C. Dvorak.


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» The American Mind linked with Sucking on the Hose

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Kevin, notice the file numb... (Below threshold)

Kevin, notice the file number. You must do something fitting.

I just migrated to FireFox ... (Below threshold)

I just migrated to FireFox and am trying out the rss reader plugin. It works fairly well (although a 'mark-as-read' option would be a huge improvements). Having it built right into the interface is nice.

Does anyone know if there's... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know if there's a way to get RSS feeds for a blogspot blog? Blogger decided to go Atom, but it's a Betamax decision at best.

See <a href="http://blog.ta... (Below threshold)

See this posting on Angsuman's Blog for a means provided by Blogstreet.

Michael McNeil






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