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April 2 Is The Date

Less that a month to go, until our third child is born. We're heading to the hospital April 2, and having that boy come hell or high water. So much to do, so little time...

Second pregnancies are much better that first, mostly because there are so few surprises. Neither of us are scared or intimidated at the prospect of having another. If we can do two at once, how hard can one be?

That said, 2 1/2 year old twins are hard to stash away for a weekend. Everything revolves around them, including the delivery time.

BTW - I've added our baby registry to the sidebar.

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What?No Black Sabbat... (Below threshold)

No Black Sabbath CDs?

Ain't Diaper Genie's great?... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

Ain't Diaper Genie's great? Except for putting in the refills; I always had problems with that.

The Diaper Genie ranks amon... (Below threshold)

The Diaper Genie ranks among the top ten greatest inventions of all time. Since my wife and I expecting our second child soon, I should probably buy another one; they fill up a little too quickly. Congratulations and good luck with #3.

Congratulations! Have you p... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! Have you picked out a name yet or are you waiting to see his face? Very good choice on the Standard Carrier -- it's too bad that Amazon doesn't permit group-buys, I'd be happy to kick in a bit for that. Just remember not to try to carry the boy in it past the recommended weight; you want your back to still be in operation for chasing after him.

If it's a boy, name it afte... (Below threshold)

If it's a boy, name it after me. ;-)

How about I just get your s... (Below threshold)

How about I just get your son a lifetime subscription to Maxim? You can never start too young.

Not likely McGhee :-).... (Below threshold)

Not likely McGhee :-).

Diaper Genie's rock, but life time Maxim rocks more!!!






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