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The Devil Is In The Details

As seen at Stupid Evil Bastard:

Hoosier Gazette - Moviegoers at Country Cinemas in Evansville attending a showing of "Passion of the Christ" got more than they bargained for Saturday night.

They were greeted in the lobby of the theater by a man wearing a "red devil" costume. Tyler Wendell, a 19 year old freshman at the University of Southern Indiana, caused quite a ruckus with his get-up. The audience, many who were part of church groups, was visibly upset by the antics of Wendell.

"I always like to push the limits," Wendell said. Many were upset that Wendell chose to wear a devil costume to a religious movie. Many patrons jeered Wendell as he stood in line for concessions.

While the article is funny, it's also fictitious. From the Hoosier Gazette's About Us:
The Hoosier Gazette was created by a couple of guys in their late 20s who thought it would be fun to create a website that uses fictional news stories to poke fun at the state of Indiana. We here at THG do not hate Indiana (we must like it or we would have left by now), we are just trying to make people laugh by satirizing news, culture, and events that happen in our state.
Think Larry Bird meets the Onion.

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That's too bad. At least t... (Below threshold)

That's too bad. At least there would have been something notable about Indiana.

Not much around here. Trust me.






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