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Viruses - Private Blogs?

It appears that the authors of MyDoom and Bagle are exchanging insults with the author of Netsky using text that is hidden inside the virus's code. From ZDNet:

Finnish security company F-Secure on Tuesday reported that Bagle.J contained a line of text that said: "Hey, NetSky, f*ck off you b*tch, don't ruine our bussiness, wanna start a war?"

Mydoom.G, which was released on the same day, also contained a message to Netsky's author: "to netsky's creator(s): imho, skynet is a decentralized peer-to-peer neural network. we have seen P2P in Slapper in Sinit only. they may be called skynets, but not your shitty app."

In response, the latest Netsky variant (F), which was discovered on Wednesday morning, contained the message: "Skynet AntiVirus - Bagle - you are a looser!!!!".

Here's a message for the virus writers in language they can understand...



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