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Legalize It?

Amanda Doerty (otherwise known as Hot Abercrombie Chick) has attracted her share of boob-seeking porn trolls with her post on child pornography laws. The mandatory penalties for possession of even a small amount of underage material will probably surprise and maybe even shock you. Amanda wonders whether fines for fist time possessors rather than jail time is more appropriate.

I disagree with Amanda that possession is similar in illegality to copyright violation, but do agree that the possession does not absolutely correlate to pedophile tendencies. Even so, I would imagine the correlation rate is very high and that parents of children who live in the neighborhoods of those prosecuted under these laws are very glad about the enforcement.

I don't recall seeing a rash of over zealous prosecutions of 'the guy next door', but rather all the press I've seen on these kinds of busts are when active members of the child exploitation culture are snared. Sure it's possible non pedophiles have been caught and tried, but I sure don't recall any memorable examples.

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Although I tend to be hyper... (Below threshold)

Although I tend to be hyper-libertarian on pornography and the like, I'm afraid I'm pretty close to zero tolerance on child porn. The Harm Principle seems to kick in pretty easily here.

And the fact that the site is called "Hot Abercrombie Chick" and has a nice picture of a hot chick atop the page may have something to do with the trollage, too. ;)

Where those crazy Brazilian... (Below threshold)

Where those crazy Brazilians found me, I don't know. LoL:)

That picture on Hottie's bl... (Below threshold)

That picture on Hottie's blog must really be something -- both times I've tried to click through and have a look, my computer crashed.

Or maybe it's just that my bugbox is a POS...

Must have a female CPU, McG... (Below threshold)

Must have a female CPU, McGehee --sounds like it's getting jealous.

::long pause while I clo... (Below threshold)

::long pause while I close my eyes and repeat to myself "I love my girlfriend... Her name is not Amanda..."::

Anyway, I gotta concur with her, jailtime for downloading a photograph is pretty harsh. With child pornography, a crime has certainly been comitted, but it is comitted by the person(s) who have exploited the child, not the pervert who is happy that they did.

um... that hot abercrombie ... (Below threshold)

um... that hot abercrombie chick isn't real. she's an abercrombie professor trying to cash in on a pretty girl with tits.

plus I never saw someone who linkwhored so BADLY!

> I never saw someone who l... (Below threshold)

> I never saw someone who linkwhored so BADLY!

To the contrary, she appears very good at it.






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