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Our Second Black President?

Buried in reports on John Kerry's Super Tuesday was this tidbit:

"President Clinton was often known as the first black president. I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second," Kerry told the American Urban Radio Network.
Perhaps he's going the Black Like Me route, but John Kerry is so hoitie toitie he barely even qualifies as white.

Since Kerry is both lily white and extra bland his handlers seem to revel in applying a new coat of paint every so often. Remember John Kerry - Biker Dude? How about John Kerry - Mall Guy? Or John Kerry - Rock Star?

This calls for a Photoshop contest!!! Give John Kerry a makeover designed to appeal to some target demographic. Send me you doctored photos and I'll post them here, or link to them via the comment section.


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Comments (2)

My bad. I pinged you twice.... (Below threshold)

My bad. I pinged you twice. My entry is here:


Another (bad) entry at ... (Below threshold)

Another (bad) entry at


I call him Stone Soul Kerry...singin' the blues for the downtrodden, the working man, the black man, and oh by the way - brother: can you spare a dime?






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