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Passion Of The Christ Shown In 6th Grade Class

Fox 5 in DC reported this evening that students at a 6th grade class at Malcolm X Elementary School in Southeast DC were shown a bootleg copy of Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Needless to say the students were quite shaken up, and an investigation by DC school officials has begun.

One child reportedly told their parents, "They were beating Jesus."

Roger Ebert better watch out for that kid, he just saved you $10...


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Comments (7)

The MPAA is gonna be on tha... (Below threshold)

The MPAA is gonna be on that teacher's a** faster than a speeding bullet!

How stupid can one person b... (Below threshold)

How stupid can one person be?

One can only hope this person is never allowed to teach again.

One can only hope this p... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

One can only hope this person is never allowed to teach again.

Why do you say that? Sounds to me like he or she has superior qualifications to teach...in D.C.

Hmm -- I saw Schindler's Li... (Below threshold)

Hmm -- I saw Schindler's List at school when I was about a year older than those kids, and there were no problems there. Perhaps this is a problem of the film itself and not just R-rated violence being inappropriate for adolescents.

I would think the illegal n... (Below threshold)
Jalal Abu Jarhead:

I would think the illegal nature of the bootlegged copy is a negative aspect, as well.

Perhaps it's a little somet... (Below threshold)

Perhaps it's a little something about mixing church and state that might be the real problem here?

I wasn't aware that they were teaching the New Testament in sixth grade these days.

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