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Reshaping Great Britain

Looks like there's a bit of Jordan (aka, Katie Price) envy going on in the UK...

LONDON (Reuters) - Almost one in 10 people in Britain want or have already had plastic surgery, with women favoring breast enlargement and men opting for a nose job, a report said Thursday.
In related news 0 in 10 people in Britain want or have already had cosmetic dentistry.

Update: More on British teeth and NSFW Jordan pics.

Comments (3)

Gah. She looks retarded wi... (Below threshold)

Gah. She looks retarded with those. What ever happened to real breasts. Harrumph.

What ever happened to re... (Below threshold)

What ever happened to real breasts.

Gravity went out of fashion. Plastic surgery on breasts is usually for women older than 25 who are starting to worry about their real breasts' ability to maintain the appearance of youthfulness. So they go get fake breasts that will continue to look like a slightly plastic 25 even as the woman passes 30, 40, 50...

As for the men's desire for new noses, clearly the purveyors of penis enlargement products are on the wrong track entirely.

Even Janet's looked more re... (Below threshold)

Even Janet's looked more real than those.






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