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The Incredible Disappearing Penis

Via Good For The Jews, Wonkette, Treacher, Michele, etc... Is this John Kerry's "Uncle Miltie"? [Click pictures to see larger versions]

Long Dong Kerry?

Perhaps not. These pictures from the same event are more "bad tailor" than "Bad Lieutenant"...

Of course maybe he just gets turned on by guys in wheelchairs...

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That last picture is scary.... (Below threshold)

That last picture is scary. John Kerry is scary. But not as scary as Bush.

KInda Dorky that Kerry... (Below threshold)
Commrad Jane the Rock Lover:

KInda Dorky that Kerry

Reminds me of this photo: <... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of this photo: Bush in Flight Suit

This whole discussion about... (Below threshold)

This whole discussion about Kerry's ding-a-ling is typical for the man. Why take him seriously? The guy is a clown.

Lurch in Depends, that's wh... (Below threshold)

Lurch in Depends, that's what it looks like.

Kind of reminds me of a tho... (Below threshold)

Kind of reminds me of a thought I had that explains his transition from testosterone-overloaded adrenaline junkie charging is boat into any trouble he could find into a Euroweenie with that third wound, the one that did not disable him from activity for any time at all, but got him a ticket home. Ever watch a male calf get castrated? Doesn't significantly slow him down. Would explain why he doesn't want to release his medical records, wouldn't it.

Would explain why he doe... (Below threshold)

Would explain why he doesn't want to release his medical records, wouldn't it[?] -- Doomsayer.

Ah, but it wouldn't explain his two kids.






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