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Even though it's complete BS, it's still humerous...

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) - The metrosexual movement may have gone too far -- now, straight guys are trying to dance with each other instead of women.

According to the upcoming issue of "Stuff" magazine, the hottest dance trend in New York clubs is "gancing," a term for when guys boogie oogie oogie together.

It sounds gay but editor Bill Schulz says gancing is actually a carefully choreographed way that straight guys use to meet women.

Gancing To The Oldies? Dirty Gancing? You Make Me Feel Like Gancing? etc...

Via Fark

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As long as it takes them ou... (Below threshold)

As long as it takes them out of the gene pool, they can do whatever they like.

You know, I'm a long way fr... (Below threshold)

You know, I'm a long way from New York and I've never witnessed gancing first-hand, but I'm increasingly convinced that magazines like Stuff and Maxim are covering some strange alternate dimension anyway given some of the supposed "trends" they write about.

In my wild youth, I used to... (Below threshold)

In my wild youth, I used to frequent gay dance clubs in West Hollywood and San Francisco. My circle of friends included quite a few straight pals who would go out clubbing with us. It was usually a group of about six guys and maybe a girl or two.

We would always dance in a groups, couples or whatever -- because it was modern dancing and nobody actually touched each other.

There were several straight guys who used to go dancing at gay clubs just because they liked the music, they liked to dance, and dancing there didn't involve any male/female mating rituals. They could dance alone, with another guy -- maybe even a beautiful woman would be there with her gay friend and he'd get lucky.

I recently ran into one of the guys who I used to go out dancing with at a computer technology tradeshow. He's married to a woman he met in a gay club and they have three kids (who are all sure to be very good dancers).

So, this Fark satire is actually very close to my reality. And it is something that has been going on for at least 20 years -- I guess it if had a name, it would be "gancing."

Just shoot me now.... (Below threshold)

Just shoot me now.

Why is the media compelled to turn every little cultural molehill into a trendy mountain. Oh, that's right, they need to sell their dreck.

Preteen girls have been dancing together since Papa Ugh fired up the first bongo drums around the cave fires....that's how many girls learn to dance...cuz boys at that age are all knees and elbows and socially clueless...so if the guys are catching up, good for them, although I doubt many would admit it in the lockeroom.

What's hilarous to me is th... (Below threshold)

What's hilarous to me is that I first heard that word yesterday on my commute home - I was listening to Don & Mike and they used the term. I thought they made it up!

Let's not forget that in ma... (Below threshold)

Let's not forget that in many cultures mixed dancing is a big no no. Men dance with men and women dance with women. That's been going on for 1000s of years.

Who gives a frag about what... (Below threshold)

Who gives a frag about what other cultures do. If you dance with another guy in a dance club you are just one step away from being a pole smoker.

However, seeing what a lot of women look like in the state of Indiana I guess I might have considered dancing with another guy myself. Thank God I was never put in that situation.

But hey, don't take what I say to heart.

May I remind you that down ... (Below threshold)
Omnibus Driver:

May I remind you that down south this is referred to as "line dancing," and that it's been going on for years?

Read todays New York Post "... (Below threshold)

Read todays New York Post "Page 6"- I can't believe people believed this.

I don't think Gancing is to... (Below threshold)

I don't think Gancing is to bad at all. All the opposite. I think that it is about time that men starts to act differently. So it is ok for women to flirt and dance with another female dancer, but it is wrong, gay and discuting to see another man dancing with another man? Why? According to who? I dance with my mates, with my brother with my father and to whoever wants to dance with me. What I found really difficult to believe it is that people makes such a big fuss about this issue. I think that it is about time to create male bonding, which isn't "gay" is just been human being, it is just have fun with your mate without what the other ones think of you. I think that society is fake, I think been a man also is explore all about yourself, and if you care what people says and tells you, well what's the point to live your life upto other man standars.
That's why women has been gone more far than man, because they DONT CARE!!!
I hope Metrosexuality grows in men, in people in general. Living in world were pain, and war is our common dish, I don't think that 2 men dancing together can't do any harm.

Go Guys, lets have fun!!!

so just thought i would fil... (Below threshold)

so just thought i would fill you in on gancing...i read the article in stuff a while back...so me being the idiot that i am decided to get a friend to try some of the moves with me to see what the outcome might be...well turns out we get out on the dance floor and start dancing like idiots and the next thing i know there are about 6 girls around us asking us questions...to make the story short we got our pick of the girls and took the two best looking girls home with us...so call it what you might but chicks dig nerdie guys






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