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Playboy Playmate - Mother Teresa of Haiti

Following a Wall Street Journal article this week that I wanted to post about, I found this article on Susie Scott Krabacher in the Rocky Mountain News

She braved Haiti's dangerous streets in slim skirts and platform boots for years before the Marines arrived in fatigues and helmets. "Mama Blanche" is the name Port-au-Prince's starving, discarded children have given the luminous blonde from Aspen, who retains at 40 the glamorous, steel-magnolia looks she displayed as Playboy's Playmate for May 1983.

Susie Scott Krabacher is the name on the passport carried by the woman who now styles herself the "Playboy Playmate Mother Teresa of Haiti."

In the past decade, she has plunged into the chaos of the vilest slums in the Americas, taking charge of the abandoned children's unit in the city's main hospital and establishing a system of six schools and three orphanages.

"I see the faces of the people around me and I know I'm responsible for their safety, and that is fine," she said. "I know where I am going; I know why I was born."

[Read the whole article]

If you must know what she looked like in the 80's, see below (NSFW)..

Susie Scott Krabacher


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