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The Revenge Of Ted's Head

The man responsible for freezing Ted Williams legacy is on ice himeself...

FORT MYERS, Fla. (CNN-SI) - John Henry Williams, the son of late Hall of Famer Ted Williams who was at the center of a controversy over his father's remains, died Sunday. He was 35. A Red Sox spokesman confirmed the death of Williams, but gave no details.

Williams, who had a very brief professional baseball career, was diagnosed with a form of leukemia last fall and had been undergoing chemotherapy.

After Ted Williams died in July 2002, his body was taken to an Arizona lab specializing in cryonics at the insistence of his son. That set off a long legal battle from other father members who wanted the legendary baseball player cremated. The family settled the matter late last year.

Michele covered the saga of Ted's detached head back in August, and Steve dreamed up the classic Tedsicle.

BTW - I can't believe I forgot to include him on my Dead Pool roster!

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Must not make joke. Must no... (Below threshold)

Must not make joke. Must not make joke. Must not....

Oh hell. I'm going to make a joke eventually.






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