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Bloggers Kill Kittens

The story about the Blog Epidemic Analyzer has jumped the shark, which is rather remarkable in that it's only a few days old. Still, Tom Coates defends the honor of popular blogs and dispels a lot of the hype about the findings of the study.

I have on the order of 1000 or so different sources for material, and frankly it's hard to keep track of where I first saw a story - but I try. My policy is to always attribute when quoting, and give hat tips to other bloggers when I find a topic that I want to cover at their site. That said, I'd imagine most readers don't care where I find material, so it's not going to keep me up at night...

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Guess what? I saw that stor... (Below threshold)

Guess what? I saw that story *gasp* on another blog before here.

There should some elegant, mathematical way to demonstrate the infeasibility of any one blog covering everything (or even most things) "first."

More than once I've linked to things, and then seen them on IP a day or two later. It's inevitable.

Speaking of which, have you... (Below threshold)

Speaking of which, have you seen Gorillamask.net?

Bloggers killing kittens? T... (Below threshold)

Bloggers killing kittens? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Now killing puppies...






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