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The Great Robot Race

The current issue of Wired has in depth coverage of the story behind The Great Robot Race.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are for wimps. 20 driverless bots are about to get down and dirty in the Pentagon's million-dollar rumble from L.A. to Las Vegas.

On March 13 (2004), roughly a year away from today's kickoff party, robots will race along a 250-mile off-road course from the City of Angels to Sin City. They're on their own between the start and finish lines - there are no pit stops - and the exact course will remain a secret until that morning. The first one to Vegas within 10 hours wins a million bucks in cash courtesy of the Defense Department. Anyone from the US can enter - provided they have a robot Darpa deems viable and the money to build it.

Read the whole Wired article

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