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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ was as topical as could be. The winning captions for this picture:

1) (Laurence Simon) - "... and this is when I'm getting raped by a guard with a broom handle. Although, in a pinch, a mop handle will do."

2) (Feste) - "Prior to sentencing Martha addresses her staff: '...and this is the date I'll return from prison, and let me tell you; scores will be settled.'"

3) (Val Prieto) - "Marthe Stewart, ever the organizer, prepares for her correctional sojourn by developing her "I'm Your Bitch" monthly calendar. Fellow convicts will take daily turns for 'Tea with Martha.'"

Until Friday...


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Comments (5)

Wow, she's a lot s... (Below threshold)

Wow, she's a lot skinnier in that pic.

I'd do her.. but that's onl... (Below threshold)

I'd do her.. but that's only cause I find power, money, insider trading, and unobtainable decorating standards sexy.

Gee, I had never realized t... (Below threshold)
David D:

Gee, I had never realized that rape was funny.

David D.-Not only ... (Below threshold)

David D.-

Not only =can= it be funny, but I'm just the man to find the rare circumstance under which it can be funny.

I swore to sit this one out... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I swore to sit this one out, but I've been holding back this followup to Lair's since I first saw it:

"And remember: a good varnish will not only bring out the handle's natural luster, it will also help avoid those awkward-to-explain splinters."







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