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All Wrapped Up

A Texas teenager uses creativity and ingenuity to design a most unusual prom dress. Look for Bjork to be wearing the gum wrapper gown at next year's Academy Awards...

March 9, 2004 - A Texas teen has found a unique and cheap way to look great at the prom. Anna Childress, 16, started collecting gum wrappers last year to make her prom dress.

She originally wanted to make the world's longest gum wrapper chain but it would have to be more than 21 miles long so she opted for the dress instead.

It took 2,300 wrappers to complete the dress and the matching earrings.

Here's another story on Anna Childress.

Comments (5)

Hmm...no pictures. Sounds ... (Below threshold)

Hmm...no pictures. Sounds like it would be worth a look.

I guess they are not planni... (Below threshold)

I guess they are not plannin' on revealin' the design until the spring fashion show, huh?

Aunt Kaliah and Aunt Kim wa... (Below threshold)

Aunt Kaliah and Aunt Kim want a picture TOO!!!

Don't forget Aunt Karen... (Below threshold)

Don't forget Aunt Karen

This girl was at my prom wi... (Below threshold)
Chelsea Carpenter:

This girl was at my prom with cameras following her all around..it was a pretty sweet dress...i got sum on da digital cam if yall are interested...if not it will be on tv tomorrow...






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