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Goon Squad

When professional hockey turns criminal...

The guy in white (whose about to get decked in the picture below) is in the hospital with a broken neck.

Read all about it and see more pictures at SportsBlog.

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I sincerely hope that Steve... (Below threshold)

I sincerely hope that Steve Moore gets better, without lasting damage. What a horrific injury. I can only imagine what the fans and other players must have thought when the seriousness of his injuries became apparent.

I'm interested in this criminal probe aspects of this story. I'm wondering if this will be a continuining trend, to involve police in pro-athlete altercations that take place in the course of a game.

As for Bertuzzi.... I hope he feels a HELL of a lot of guilt. And that it keeps him up for many nights to come.

Stuff like this makes me ma... (Below threshold)

Stuff like this makes me mad because when there is legetimte fights, like when the Flyers and Ottowa raked up 213 penalty minutes it makes it seem wrong.

I blogged it here,

Hey, a crime is a crime. Ju... (Below threshold)

Hey, a crime is a crime. Just because it happens in the course of a sporting event doesn't make much of a difference.

Don't forget about security... (Below threshold)

Don't forget about security. Secureroot.org






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