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How Soon Is Now?

Oddly the same bands score equally as well on the "music to listen to when you want to commit suicide" poll...

LONDON (Reuters) - A song by cult rock band The Smiths has been voted the best song to listen to when you are depressed, according to a BBC 6 Music poll. "I Know It's Over", taken from their 1986 album "The Queen Is Dead", came top in the radio station vote of tunes to listen to when you are upset or broken-hearted.

"That song is like a giant pair of arms coming out of the speakers to hug me," 6 Music quoted a fan as saying.

The song was written by Smith's lugubrious front man Morrissey, whose angst-ridden lyrics won the band an army of fans in the 1980s.

In second place was Texan band Bowling For Soup's "Girl all the Bad Guys Want", followed by REM's "Everybody Hurts", The Cure's "Pictures of You" and Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees".

If you're looking for a little Smiths trivia you can try the Random Smiths Lyric.

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(Get ready to duck)<p... (Below threshold)

(Get ready to duck)

All suicide posers. Those songs are voted because people who romanticize suicide but never do it liek the songs.

"Pictures of You?" Robert Smith is the only one contemplating jumping, and that's because his song was sold out to a camera company.

There's a reason Nine Inch Nails isn't on the list. The people who listened to Trent aren't around anymore.

Everybody Hurts? It has a video! A video! And a positive message that says you're not alone?


I just thought of one that'... (Below threshold)

I just thought of one that's got enough horrid imagry to convince a few people to off themselves:
The Birthday Party's Sonny's Burning. Yow!

When my downstairs neighbor... (Below threshold)

When my downstairs neighbor broke up with his boyfriend, he kept playing Annie Lennox's "Why?" over and over and over again. I had to pass by his door every day and listen to him sobbing in concert with that song!






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