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Lava Sus Manos...

Sounds like these two guys need a hotel room...

ADVANCE, N.C. (AP) - Two fast-food restaurant employees who bathed in a dishwashing sink took cleanliness a bit too far, but didn't pose a health threat, the county's health director said.

The caper came to light because of photographs of the men taking turns posing, in bathing suits, in a large sink full of bubbles, said Barry Bass, director of the Davie County Health Department.

"From a public-health standpoint, you want the employees to be clean," said Bass, adding that the employees may have overdone it. "I have been working in public health for 25 years and have never observed an incident like it."

The sink at the Wendy's has cleaning jets and is used to wash pots, pans and other cookware. Bass said the restaurant won't be cited for any health-code violations, because no health official directly observed a violation.The restaurant's manager assured health officials that the sink had been sanitized and that it wouldn't happen again, Bass said.

Why would you want to memorialize in picture form using a poor man's Jacuzzi?

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<writing in to-do list&g... (Below threshold)

<writing in to-do list>

Don't ... eat ... at Wendy's ... in ... Advance, NC.






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