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Mark Your Calendars - Eat An Animal For PETA Day

Monday March 15th is the second annual International Eat an Animal For PETA Day. I'll give you two good reasons to participate:

1) Because a nice fillet mignon, pork tenderloin, or turkey breast fillet, etc. is yummy.
2) It will annoy the shit out of the PETA crew.


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Comments (6)

now thats what i call a GRE... (Below threshold)

now thats what i call a GREAT idea!!

I'm going to a fine dining ... (Below threshold)
Steve Meyer:

I'm going to a fine dining establishment, and ordering VEAL!

I'm going to post my recipe... (Below threshold)

I'm going to post my recipe for Wiener Schnitzel -- which can only be made with the finest milk fed veal.

Foie gras for me, thanks!</... (Below threshold)
Shadow Merchant:

Foie gras for me, thanks!

You guys are all going to g... (Below threshold)

You guys are all going to go to hell. I hope someday you suffer the same experiences animals have to suffer just so that your sorry asses can become fat pigs.

Eat all that you can untill... (Below threshold)

Eat all that you can untill your veins explode and your heart stop functioning. Oh.. and if in the middle you can't walk, find that you have diabetes or maybe a cancer feel free to eat more, maybe you can feed your kids or you parents or your friends so they can turn into somebody like you. After all what can happen if I turn myself into a big pile of human excrement ? Nothing. Live a long life with the consequences of your actions. See ya. Peace.






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