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Politics Is Hereditary?

Some wingnut at the Daily Kos seems to be claiming that if your relatives are Republicans you're a member of the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy). Being a life long liberal Democrat, Congressional press secretary, anti-war activist, nutjob, and Takoma Park, MD resident (a notoriously socialism loving DC suburb) is apparently no match for genetics...

Did the White House get out in front of this story and link Lindauer to Democrats before anyone could discover her links to Republicans?
Her links to Republicans are genetic, her links to Democrats are at the core of who she is. The people who got out in front of this story were bloggers like me, Silflay Hraka, Rantburg, etc. Last I checked the only money I'm getting from the White House is an occasional tax refund check.

Once the full force of the media got on the case her relation to John Lindauer and Andrew Card was exposed. For the first 10-12 hours after the story hit no one was calling her anything other than "a woman." Bloggers picked the low hanging fruit which was her work history and political affiliation. I noticed that John Lindauer had run for Governor in Alaska, but at the time I had no independent corroboration that the two were related and I didn't want to speculate.

The Andrew Card angle most assuredly came directly from the investigators as reporters tracked down which government official she attempted to influence. Since he was a very unlikely target for her to contact (were they not related), reporters probably pressed for the alleged reasons that she attempted to contact him. Investigators knew why. They also knew that Card was the person who alerted the FBI to her actions. He should be commended for his actions. If the White House was actually involved in the story don't you think they would be playing up that angle?

In the end it's the story of a somewhat delusional, radical liberal activist who (it appears) spent years in the media and on the Hill and eventually wore out her welcome at every stop. Politicical affiliation is not hereditary, it's a matter of choice. Who and what you support are a product of free will not genetics.

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the Seattle Post Intelligen... (Below threshold)

the Seattle Post Intelligencer tried their best to slant it how they wanted it.

Accused spy is cousin of Bush staffer

You can't choose who you're... (Below threshold)

You can't choose who you're related to.

I saw this story on the new... (Below threshold)

I saw this story on the news last night (after reading about it online) and I was shocked, but not surprised, that Rather had left out her liberal ties in favor of noting that she's some republican's second cousin.

Jesus... second cousin, BFD! Here in Alabama the two of them could probably get married! (So long as they're of different genders)






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