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Julia Roberts Charged With Dealing Crack

You didn't think I meant the other Julia, did you?

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. - A 96-year-old woman facing drug charges said she does not know how the crack cocaine deputies found on her got into her wheelchair.

Julia Roberts was charged with possession of crack with intent to sell and deliver, and with possessing a crack pipe, sheriff's officials said. She was freed pending a hearing March 30.

"I've never seen (the drugs) in my life," she told The Charlotte Observer for a Saturday story. "I don't know how they could get there."

A search warrant for the arrest said it's the third time Cleveland County deputies have seized crack at the mobile home Roberts shared with her son.

What the hell is a 96-year old woman doing with crack?

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Wow, she looked pretty good... (Below threshold)

Wow, she looked pretty good for what must have been 80 something when she made 'Pretty Woman'

What the hell is a 96-ye... (Below threshold)

What the hell is a 96-year old woman doing with crack?

Smokin' it, baby, smokin' it. At least she didn't hide it in her prosthetic leg this time...

I'm sure they're going to b... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they're going to be looking very long and pointedly in the direction of her son.






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