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Duke Sucks!!!

This message brought to you courtesy of the Maryland Terrapins -2004 ACC Tournament Champions. In overtime it was Maryland 95, Duke 87.

It's the end of an era for the ACC tournament as three new teams will be joining the conference in the next two years.

Update: The selection committee doesn't share this sentiment - Duke got a #1 seed.

Comments (3)

Yeah, but so did St. Joes..... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but so did St. Joes... and Gonzaga got a #3. The selection committee has been drinking a bit too much of that Mid-Major kool aid.

Of course Duke sucks. He's ... (Below threshold)

Of course Duke sucks. He's an "A-list" white supremicist in prison with a big black cell-mate... Oh, wait, you meant the University. Nevermind...

Hey Pete,Gonz got ... (Below threshold)

Hey Pete,

Gonz got a 2 seed bro not a 3 seed, and if Duke sucks so bad why are they in their 18th final four? Dont rip on Duke because all the rest of your teams suck! They win with class and lose with class. Thats more than most can say. Its March happiness for Duke fans, all the rest of you.....better luck next year!






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