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Rowland Tried To Sell Dead Baby

From the Deseret Morning News:

Prosecutors are looking into the background of Melissa Ann Rowland, who is accused of murdering one of her twins before birth - including allegations of baby selling.

"That's under consideration at this time," Kent Morgan, a prosecutor with the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office, said Saturday.

"We have received information that (Rowland) is presently attempting to arrange bail by soliciting individuals to adopt a child who is alleged to be nonexistent."

A Sacramento couple interested in adopting a child of Rowland's said that is exactly what happened to them. In a telephone interview Saturday, Brian Farley told the Desert Morning News that the California adoption agency he and his wife were using contacted them after talking with Rowland about giving up a boy for adoption.

I think it's obvious that this woman is mentally ill. Given that she has been quite the baby factory in the past, her lawyers should offer up voluntary sterilization and an mental health treatment in exchange for dropping of charges.

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