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Soylent Green Is People, Part II

This might have to become a regular feature...

GUILFORD, VT (AP) - Just up the hill from the Gaines' dairy farm stands a small building that looks a lot like a sugar shack, the kind of thing many Vermont farmers rely on to supplement their income.

But this one-story building houses a human crematory run by a couple of former back-to-the-landers who say they want to provide a personalized end-of-life service.

The owners, Jim and Ellen Curley, say their new venture is a small family business that will provide options to the community and will help the Gaines' seventh-generation dairy farm survive.

Dairy farm/crematorium... Are you sure you want to drink their milk?

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Comments (3)

I'd like to see the marketi... (Below threshold)

I'd like to see the marketing campaign for this biz!

Our Milk is loaded with Cal... (Below threshold)

Our Milk is loaded with Calcium, passed down from grneration to generation...

Our milk is calcium enhance... (Below threshold)

Our milk is calcium enhanced, passed down from generation to generation.....






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