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Blue In The...

Helmut H. is so frustrated he sued his social security administration in Germany for relief.

Sexual relief, that is.

The German man who wanted the country's social security to pay for his brothel visits and adult videos has been jailed for making "improper demands" from state officials. A court in Weissenburg sentenced the unemployed man, named only as Helmut H, to six months behind bars.

Helmut indicates his wife is in Thailand, unable to return due to his monthly stipend being insufficient to pay for her return.

That's one frustrated German. Imagine the headlines if something like this happened in Nevada, where a few scattered counties have legalized prostitution. "Man Demands State Sponsored Romp At Bunny Ranch".

Dont go getting any ideas now, yall.


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Insufficient monthly stipen... (Below threshold)

Insufficient monthly stipend, eh? His wife will shortly have a new husband. If she doesn't already.
(Believe me, I lived in Thailand for two years. I almost got to feeling sorry for the men. Almost. He's a good example of the breed. )

And, yes, there are excepti... (Below threshold)

And, yes, there are exceptions to everything. There were some quite decent sorts I knew who had Thai wives. But those all lived and worked in Thailand and met and got to know their wives there.
The ones who hop over on vacation to 'find a wife' are losers. And the women use them. And I don't really blame them. I knew one woman who had four "husbands". None of them lived in Thailand, all of them sent her money and came to visit when they could -- I don't know how she managed to keep them from visiting at the same time. I met three of them and all three were the 'women are lesser beings' sorts. I cheered her on...






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