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Open Mic - Reopened

Hopefully the lameness is out of everyone's system now...


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I must apologise, Kevin. ... (Below threshold)

I must apologise, Kevin. My fault. I was posting on the site when a few of my colleagues saw what I was doing, and they all decided to post crap. These guys are... well, they're idiots. Sorry for unleashing them on you.

FYI, work ends in a few min... (Below threshold)

FYI, work ends in a few minutes and these aren't the kind of people who spend much time reading, so you should be safe to restart the open mike. As a favour, could you please delete the 'keith is gay' comments under my post? Sometimes I despair at the immaturity of the people I work with. It's like a bleeding creche.

I would have contributed to... (Below threshold)

I would have contributed to lameness but I have been suffering from a form of writers block. Stuck in loserville if you will.
Nothing brighteness my day more then to be lame posting on someone else's blog--but I have been uninspired to blog at all.
Love you thou...
I do expect to be one of the guest bloggers come around April.






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