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Spanish Soul

I have been thinking about Spaniards since 3/11, but particularly since Sunday's elections. While it was true before the attack that there was majority opposion to the war in Iraq it was also true that the government was likely to be returned to power. That is until the trains stopped running.

My question pertains to Spain: Have they caught the Old Europe disease of soullessness? Spanish voting results reflect a strange pacifism to the horror of 3/11. My experience with human nature posits that you fight for what you believe. If you have lost confidence in your culture, your country, or yourself it is a simple matter to raise your hands as you drop your arms.

It is obviously a different response than America's to 9/11. I can't believe we Americans are different because we are 'cowboys'. It goes deeper. We still believe in something. You may call it patriotism or flag-waving or pick your term but I think, in America, our soul still stirs at the words liberty and freedom. It is not an act, it is a soul.

Bob Baker


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Ugh. This has to be among t... (Below threshold)

Ugh. This has to be among the most asinine responses to the Spanish train bombings I have read. We still believe in something? Puh-leeze. Unfettered mercantilism and cultural/political hegemony, maybe. When we stop acting like we invented democracy and stop pretending to be its standard-bearer, maybe the phrase "ugly American" will cease to have such resonance beyond our borders. My heart doesn't stir at the words "liberty" and "freedom" — it breaks as it mourns their passing.

It is absurd to suggest a country in mourning, through the democratic process we all treasure, is "soulless" because it turned out its government after that government has misled its people and has defied the will of the people in joining the U.S. war in Iraq.

Crocky, if you find that pe... (Below threshold)

Crocky, if you find that people in other countries call you an ugly American, maybe it isn't your country. Maybe it's you.

*rim shot*Don'... (Below threshold)

*rim shot*

Don't quit your day job. :-)






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